Redneck Country’s Podcast

Episode 5 - Real Rednecks Go Bull Riding……WWWHHAAAAA?!?!?!

January 12, 2020

BULLRIDING WHAAAAAAA?!?  Buckles are won - not bought!!  Love watching Bull Riding?  Always wanted to do it?  Wonder what it's like to start down such an insane sport?!  Listen in to hear the stories of Bull Riding as seen through the eyes of Ontario Champion / 5th in Canada - Real Redneck Bill Thom as he's joined with Real Rednecks Todd Millard and Scott Goodall as they add their insight from their short time trying to duplicate Bill's success!

Check out Bill Thom's winning Bullride at the International Plowing Match!


Thank you to Alex "The Latchman" for the great footage and video! - Check out his great coverage of Rodeo @