Hey Folks, this week we start to discuss how we keep huntin' fun and excitin' - in the Turkey woods!!  BUT THEN......a special guest call in out of nowhere TAKES THIS PODCAST OFF THE RAILS!!  Hear from the Patriarch of Redneck Country and listen to CRAZY SUPER FUN WE END UP HAVING ON THIS PODCAST!!

Folks, we don't like to edit - we just want to have fun and hopefully pass on our passion and this podcast is hopefully - EXACTLY THAT!! Around the 50 minute mark we get a call, live, while recording; and decide to take it - and OMG'osh do we have a blast!! Our cheeks hurt from laughing - but that's an everyday occurrence when hanging out with anyone from Redneck Country! It's the only way to #buildcommunity #itswhatwedo


Contact them today to see how you can join and be part of their great conservation efforts!!




The Canadian Wild Turkey Federation is a not for profit organization committed to promoting the establishment, restoration, preservation, and sustainable management of wildlife and habitat in Canada, with a focus on wild turkeys.

  • To work with various government agencies, organizations, and the public in developing conservation and education programs and projects aimed at enhancing wildlife habitat.
  • To promote responsible hunting and fishing practices, traditions, and heritage, as well as other outdoor and wildlife oriented activities, with emphasis placed on the engagement and involvement of youth and women.
  • To host, sponsor, and promote educational and social events, as well as exhibits for CWTF members and the public


We're havin' more and more fun with each episode and we hope you are too!

Join Todd Millard​, Bill Thom​ & Scott Goodall​ around the campfire as they share stories afield that you can relate to and hopefully assist in improving your time and opportunities afield!

Also, don't be shy in contacting us if you want to join us and share some funny stories, successes or even "learning opportunities" from your time afield! If you do, email podcast@theredneckcountry.com or message us on Facebook or even text Real Redneck Todd Millard @ 226-919-4092!


**Disclaimer - Bill brought to light after we recorded this that at 17:30 it sounds like Todd shot two turkeys in one day (which is not allowed in our area), however, that short minute and a bit story of us sitting together and taking turns shooting turkeys was over the course of the season and not all on 1 day**

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