This week we're leaving the woods and hittin' the water!  Walleye / Pickerel season is comin' up and we got one of the best speaking about how to put limits in your boat in a hurry!!

Walleye or Pickerel?  Who cares!?!  Just don't sue us when you got "Tennis Elbow" from all the fish you're gonna catch after listenin' to this one folks!  Nick Obermok from Pond Predator Fishing Charters breaks down his strategy on how he is so succesful as well as shares some insight into his Muskie huntin' too!  Then finish it up with some recipe tips from the Chef himself!

Nick is a great guy and we always have a blast with him!!  We've done it with him and he can back it up!!

Check out Pond Predator Fishing Charters Facebook page and website to book your charter today!!!

We're havin' more and more fun with each episode and we hope you are too!

Join Todd Millard​, Bill Thom​ & Scott Goodall​ around the campfire as they share stories afield that you can relate to and hopefully assist in improving your time and opportunities afield!

Also, don't be shy in contacting us if you want to join us and share some funny stories, successes or even "learning opportunities" from your time afield! If you do, email or message us on Facebook or even text Real Redneck Todd Millard @ 226-919-4092!

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