Redneck Country Podcast – Episode 36 – Mourning Doves or Morning Doves? – Season is upon us and it is our new found love – WILL IT BE YOURS’ AS WELL!?!  Listen in to find out how some of the Real Rednecks went from skepticism on huntin’ one of the newest seasons brought in and what flipped the script and had them tryin’ to get their hands on every decoy possible to ensure maximum success!  Success was found!!


Join Real Rednecks Todd Millard, Bill "The Almost Guy" Thom and Don Millard around the campfire as they share stories afield that you can relate to and hopefully assist in improving your time and opportunities afield.


Don't be shy in contacting us if you want to join us and share some funny stories, successes or even "learning opportunities" from your time afield! If you do, email or message us on Facebook or even text Real Redneck Todd Millard @ 226-919-4092!


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