Redneck Country Podcast - Episode 28 – ….2 THOMS UP!! Join us this week as we welcome “The Almost Guy’s” brother, Jay Thom to the Podcast to get a little more insight into just who the Thoms are and get to hear the excitement of one of their family’s proudest moments afield and learn some secrets into how Real Redneck Bill Thom and his family ensure success in the deer woods!

Join Real Rednecks Todd Millard, Bill Thom around the campfire as they share stories afield that you can relate to and hopefully assist in improving your time and opportunities afield.

Don't be shy in contacting us if you want to join us and share some funny stories, successes or even "learning opportunities" from your time afield! If you do, email or message us on Facebook or even text Real Redneck Todd Millard @ 226-919-4092!

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